Who Are We

We are a non-profit organization working together with all sectors of society in the most isolated and marginalized districts in Zimbabwe.

In partnership with facilitating NGOs, research, development agencies, local authorities and other actors, we accelerate grassroots movements for inclusive, just and resilient communities.  We build the capacity and leadership of grassroots groups to transform the living conditions, status and quality of life of women, children, their families and communities.  

At the regional level, we work collectively with facilitating NGO’s, networks, alliances, and grassroots groups in 12 African countries for transformative change that improves the living conditions, status, and quality of life of women, their communities and municipalities.  

Our work is grounded in the A Theory of Change, Strategic Plan, shared Tools and Methods.


We encourage community-led development in support of economic, climate and social justice to end poverty. 


Ntengwe works with partners and allies by building the capacity of grassroots groups in delivering people-centred regional and international frameworks for transformational change for the most vulnerable children, women, their families, and communities.   



For everyone — from staff, our partners, and communities to have information and the tools they need to achieve results and to make change happen. 


We are answerable for our actions in a manner consistent with all applicable laws.  We strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct – honesty and fairness in all activities. We also believe that others should be held accountable for their actions.  


We seek out partnerships and embrace inclusive decision-making. We believe that everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of their abilities, disabilities or gender and should be respected and appreciated as valuable members of their communities.

Our guiding principles 

We have crafted four guiding principles to help and guide us towards the right decisions, practices, processes, and learning.  They guide us in how we influence practices through strategic sharing and communications, help us foster a culture of openness, and create a learning culture within Ntengwe, which allows innovations, experimentation and learning from our mistakes. 

We are open and committed to being in partnership with each other 

We create a climate of trust, uphold agreements and processes with rigor, and we hold ourselves and others accountable for the decisions we make and for our impact on others while doing what we say we will do.  We recognize that we are all learning and we are honest and transparent.  

We are inclusive and empowering 

We respect all people and recognize that collective action leads to confidence and change in everyone’s life.  Together, we appreciate differences and challenge inequality in our programs and workplace.  We ensure that all members and partners can reflect, learn and generate ideas together and we are committed to sharing and learning from our partners and communities.

We work well together for collective knowledge 

We succeed by working effectively with others.  We invest in long-term relationships and dedication of these principles and practices, inside and outside the organization, including our sponsors and funding partners.  We come together to create and implement solutions, invest in initiatives that actively give back to our communities and our partners. 

We strive for collective power and lasting impact 

We support projects that have been shaped by our communities and that build collective power to achieve significant and lasting impact on the lives of our communities and partners.  We challenge ourselves to be bold, courageous, responsive, focused and innovative. We give our best to one another, and we share the responsibility for community and partners’ successes.  

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