Climate National Focal Point

Collaborative Partner

Ntengwe is the National Focal Point and member of the Southern African Regional Advisory Group of the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR).  

As the Focal Point of the Southern African Regional Advisory Group, we work directly to reach grassroots organizations and social movements that are working at the intersection of climate resilience and human rights.  

This reginal reach is possible thanks to the newly established relationship between Ntengwe and GNDR.  

Innocent Isaac, Ntengwe Programs Coordinator

What we do: As the Southern Africa Regional Advisory Group, we help local, national and international movements of grassroots actors to address solutions to the climate crisis.  We provide support to people fighting climate change through capacity- building using our partnership principle model and we rely on the wisdom and strength of local people and grassroots organizations tackle injustices.  

We invest in long-term solutions, listening tom people on the ground and scale up the needs of people who are most affected by climate change.  

Together with our partners, GNDR, the HUAIROU Commission, facilitating NGO’s and grassroots networks, we are a growing movement, creating space for transparent discussions and just solutions across the region.  As a movement we are demonstrating the power of communities to curb fossil fuel emissions, building resilience and confronting root causes.  

As the Southern Africa Regional Focal Point, we are a unique alliance between grassroots NGO’s, grassroots networks, grassroots women leaders, funding partners and activists to make regional   grassroots-work possible.  We use models, which were adopted by the HUAIROU Commission to holistically support climate movement-building, from supporting grassroots leadership to long-term partnership and support to local, national, regional and global movement building.  

Together, we create and grow authentic, community-led solutions, we foster connections and movements in the Southern African region and beyond, and we support leadership of grassroots women to be heard at local, national and global level.  

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