COVID-19 has caused far-reaching economic devastation on vulnerable populations.

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Why Support the Ntengwe Community Resilience Fund?

Because your donation can change lives.

We are working every day to help vulnerable communities recover from COVID-19 impacts and end poverty and injustice.  But we are not able to do this without you.

You can help us save lives during a disaster, get clean water running in the most remote areas, help empower rural grassroots women entrepreneurs with financial services to unlock the potential for their small businesses, send children, especially girls to school, help amplify the voices and participation of children and people with disabilities and stand up for the rights of women.  

Hello, we are Ntengwe for Community Development 

We transform the lives of children, women, their families, and their communities by helping them to overcome poverty and injustice. 

We empower communities and guide them to set their own goals — equipping them so that progress is sustained, and continued, long after we’ve left.

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