How we work together 

We work with partners and allies by building movements of people who are fighting inequality to end poverty and injustice at local, regional and global level in delivering people-centred regional and international frameworks for transformational change that lasts.

We collaborate & create partnerships 

We work on long-term projects with our partners, children, women, grassroots groups, and communities determined to shape a better future for themselves, and we campaign for genuine, lasting change.  We work with grassroots groups who are our partners, by building their capacity and leadership.  

Partnerships lie at the core of Ntengwe’s work and our role in working for change.  We work with a set of core Partnership Principles in order to make a sustained and significant positive impact on decision-making power and we think of this as a “Movement for Sustainable Development Change”, which we believe is creating the conditions and structural changes necessary for effective, people-centred, sustainable change and development. 

Our Movement for Sustainable Development Change is expanding with partners in the African region, and growing in strength every day with an ever-increasing diversity in social-change actors.  We welcome and engage with these diverse actors in a variety of ways, including long-term partnerships, shorter-term strategic alliances, one-on-one relationships and active 

participation with funding partners, networks and coalitions. 

Our aim is to bring value by:

  • helping to bring together different actors to work on common problems;
  • supporting organizational and institutional capacity-strengthening;
  • generating and sharing knowledge, whether produced at local, national, regional or global levels;
  • promoting innovation and alternative solutions that may be brought to scale; 
  • helping to hold duty-bearers to account for recognising, protecting and fulfilling the rights of women living with poverty and injustice.

Our Capacity Building Processes

As the work of Ntengwe broadens and becomes more complex, the need to strengthen the ability of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBO’s) and civil society organizations to fulfil multiple and increasingly complex roles has become more critical to us. 

Ntengwe strives for supporting partner organizations to become independent, sustainable and competent actors to advocate for the rights of their communities in a changing world which is affected by climate change and pandemics. Also, we support the internal functioning, such as organizational development projects, assist with ad-hoc, responsive advocacy work, help with formalizing and strengthening the organization, develop capacity for strategic advocacy work and working strategically with advocacy work. 

Our capacity-building processes include:

  • Skills-building to enhance the capability of people and institutions sustainably to improve their competence and problem-solving capacities. 
  • Capacity development by which individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and societies increase their abilities to perform core functions, solve problems, define and achieve objectives, understand and deal with their development needs in a broad context and in a sustainable manner. 
  • Training in all areas of organizational development (including program design and planning, lobbying / advocacy, public relations / campaigning, monitoring and evaluation, and financial management / budgeting). 
  • Strengthening information and communication networks between stakeholders, especially through networking and communication.  
  • Enhancing the financial resource base of the NGO / civil society sector, especially to community-based organizations and grassroots women-led organizations 
  • Improving the effectiveness of NGO – government relations at all levels across the region.
  • Create more and better relations between CBO’s and NGOs themselves. 
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