Protecting Children in Emergencies

Emergencies can affect a child’s feeling of security and hope.  We try to build on children’s natural ability to recover from an emergency, and help caregivers cope during the difficult time and support their children.

When children are in danger of physical or emotional harm, when they’re caught in an acute or prolonged crisis, such as climate related disasters, or pandemics, Ntengwe for Community Development’s preparedness, prevention, response and recovery schemes will be made available.  We are there for the most vulnerable children to meet their basic needs.

From the very start, we strive to ensure Minimum Child Protection Standards (MCPS) during emergencies by engaging with families, communities, funding partners, key stakeholders and governments to ensure that the most vulnerable children do not get forgotten in the chaos.

We provide Support 

Emergencies can leave too many children at risk of lasting psychological distress.  Lockdowns, social restrictions and school closure during COVID-19 has left many children with feelings of anxiety, including depression.  The key priority for Ntengwe is to try to build on children’s natural ability to recover from emergencies, and help caregivers cope during the difficult time.  We provide essential information on preparedness, prevention and response, conduct rapid assessments during a crisis, partner with district Task Forces, provide accurate information, work with government to implement child protection programs to benefit vulnerable children and families affected by disaster and pandemics, create child-friendly spaces in communities and schools, and put in place referral mechanisms.  

We work in partnership with all key stakeholders to facilitate support services, and prioritize the work of social care providers, to monitor children during a crisis and continue case management.  

In addition, we strengthen communities’ resilience to support children’s rights to dignity and protection before, during and after disasters.  

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