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Good nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life, it empowers children, families and communities.  

Nutrition is a social and economic determinant of health that must be always be prioritized.  We aim for everyone to experience good health and nutrition.  

Making communities healthier

We are making progress.  In Binga and Hwange districts, in Zimbabwe we collaborate with academics from the Midlands State University and partners of grassroots women farmers, growing organic vegetables and the highly drought resistant and nutritious crop and vegetable amaranth.   

We want to promote amaranth farming in large scale due to the large nutritional value of the plant. 

We are working to see better access, lasting behavioural change, and to connect communities to what works so children and women, their families and communities can thrive.

Featured Articles

Health Programs Ntengwe

Children, Mothers, Food and Nutrition

We seek to deepen understanding around the causes and consequences of malnutrition in all its forms and work with governments, families and other stakeholders can best respond. 

Health Programs Ntengwe

School Feeding helps Children concentrate

We provide life-saving food and nutrition during droughts, during emergency crisis and pandemics.  

Health Programs Ntengwe

How to Confront COVID-19

We partner with key actors to work directly with communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Health Programs Ntengwe

All Children have the Right to Health

We improve strategies for early screening, intervention and referral to improve the health of children with disabilities. 

Health Programs Ntengwe

Clean Water & Sanitation

Our work includes equitable access to water to prevent disease and to sustain lives and livelihoods.  

Health Programs Ntengwe

Sexual and Reproductive Health

We strive towards realizing universal access to sexual reproductive health services and information, challenge stigma and harmful gender norms associated with sexual and reproductive health and rights and ultimately eliminate gender-based violence which is a major barrier to women and girls sexual and reproductive health and rights.   

Health Programs Ntengwe

Menstrual Health

We integrate our menstrual health programs in all sexual and reproductive health and rights aspects, which becomes more gender transformative, challenging harmful norms and encourage women and girls to make informed and independent decision about their health and body. 

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