Our Structure

Ntengwe’s Board set Partnership standards, and its Board members are our highest governing authority for fundamental decisions.  They are drawn from a wide field of experience, including women and children’s rights, healthcare, education, law and business.  

Their roles are different, but they work hand in hand toward achieving our shared mission to support economic, climate and social justice to end poverty. The Board meets regularly for setting our strategic direction, as well as for our overall governance.  New Board members are chosen in consultation with the full Board, making sure that collectively, the Board has the skills and experience needed to enable us to operate effectively.  

Meet the Board and find out what motivates them to volunteer for us.

Rosemary Mudenda

Rosemary serves Ntengwe as the Chair and spent most of her career focused on health, specializing in rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities.  She is a passionate supporter of child protection and women’s rights.  She believes that only when women and girls have full access to their rights – from equal pay and land ownership, freedom from violence, equal voice and access to education – will true equality exist.  

A message from Rosemary 

“I love being involved with an organization such as Ntengwe, which is committed to supporting the rights of women and children.  I see how Ntengwe works with our partners and grassroots groups and the broader community, and how they create hope, unity and resilience among children with disabilities, their families, and so many in our communities.  Winning rights for women are about more than giving opportunities to any individual woman or girl; it is also about changing how communities work. It involves changing laws and policies, winning hearts and minds, and investing in strong women’s organizations and movements”.

Catherine Hove

Catherine is the Vice Chair and has a career focusing on environmental conservation with National Parks. Catherine educates all sectors of the local community of environmental issues and nature conservation.  She contributes to planning and policy development for sustainable management, including input into environmental impact assessments.    

A message from Catherine

“My basic philosophy is to protect the environment and all species by planning well with our communities who are affected by climate change.  This can make our lives, and the lives of future generations, better.  I learn from strong grassroots women leaders who educate who work with their communities to support sustainable livelihoods by advocating for policy and helping communities build their capacity to manage their needs and opportunities, and encouraging links between communities so they can learn from each other”.

Nyozani Munkuli 

Nyozani is the Secretary on the Board and works as the provincial coordinator promoting maternal and child health.  Nyozani was previously working for Save the Children as a child care officer and with the Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid, she worked as the health officer, where in addition to working in the health sector, she provided her experience in advocacy and children’ rights approach to a number of organizations.  

A message from Nyozani

When I found out about the hugely positive impact Ntengwe makes to women’s lives in their communities, I wanted to find a way to get involved.  Ntengwe has large ambitions, which are supported by the unrelenting commitment of our partners and grassroots groups, and by investing in Ntengwe, and its partners, we can help build more resilient, healthy, and just communities.  My hope is to see a world where women are not discriminated against based on their gender and see more women in higher positions.”

Dorothy Zihove

As the Vice Secretary on the Board and as a lawyer, Dorothy is passionate about promoting diversity, equal rights and economic opportunities.  Dorothy supports initiatives to advance the socio-economic and legal and human rights of women and children thereby contributing to their sustainable well-being in her community.   

A message from Dorothy 

Being able to offer my skills to such a brilliant organization and my community was such a wonderful opportunity for me and one which I continue to learn from.  Ntengwe are truly creating the kind of change we need so badly in these challenging times”.  

Xolani Ncube

Xolani has been on the Board serving on the finance committee, he represents Ntengwe as the Treasurer.  He is a chartered accountant with nearly 20 years’ experience, working in the public sector.  

A message from Xolani 

“I am humbled and overwhelmed by the positive energy, the resourcefulness and commitment of tireless support of the Ntengwe staff.  The needs in our communities are urgent, the solutions are there, and I am witnessing the transformational change of grassroots organizing and achieving goals”. 

Peter D.C. Muleya 

Peter serves Ntengwe as the Board Adviser and spent most of his career focused on administration and governance and national development.  He worked seeking to promote peace, security, prosperity and reduce poverty.  He was centrally involved in the provision of water and sanitation in Matabeleland North.  

A message from Peter 

“It is a great honour to be part of this vibrant, inspiring and effective organization.  I learn from all Ntengwe staff and the grassroots groups in our communities how they lead social and climate change processes in our vulnerable districts.  All of us need to continue to support Ntengwe and its partners’ work, especially during these challenging times, in which poverty and inequality remain all too evident. I am grateful for the opportunity to support this women-led organization and to make a difference the best way I can.”  

Concilia Kakobe

As a grassroots woman leader and a member of the Board Concilia, works closely with her community.  She is a human rights advocate and is passionately committed to social justice.  A community mobilizer in her Manjolo community, Concilia conducts campaigns that brings attention to the ongoing effects of climate change on women and strengthens grassroots social organizations from a feminist perspective.  

A message from Concilia Kakobe 

“When I think of Ntengwe, I picture nature and how we are interconnected as a single organism. This is the concept of nature as I know it today.  I have seen how Ntengwe creates a just balance among the economic, social, and environmental needs of present and future generations.  I am grateful to this opportunity to help create a new world in which our communities learn to live in harmony with each other as well as in harmony with nature.”  

Colin Bell

With a background and keen interest in socio economic development Colin joined the Board one year ago.  He was employed by the economic cooperation department of a major donor country for more than 2 decades, covering the full ambit of bilateral development cooperation.  He has a wealth of experience in community driven grassroots developmental projects, particularly in livelihood support and in sustainable poverty reduction in this changing global environment. 

A message from Colin 

“Last year I had the honour of visiting several community-led projects – I was very impressed.  These women organized communities, in particular local authorities to have access to and the title deeds to land.  Some of the groups developed a fund from which women save and lend funds to each other for farming initiatives and alternative incomes.  I have realized that grassroots women living closest to the problems they face on a daily basis are also the source of innovative solutions”. 

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