Social & Climate Justice

 (including Disaster Risk Reduction) 

Climate Change is a Social and Intergenerational Injustice.

We are calling on Governments and Businesses to stop Climate Change.  

We need you to take Action.  

The inequality and discrimination experienced by marginalised women and girls are amplified by climate change.  The effects of climate change increase existing social and economic inequalities.  

Women and girls fear for their future and are demanding climate action on a large scale.  

Women and girls in Matabeleland North are already leading on climate action and are influencing the decisions that affect their rights.  

We support women’s community activism to help secure their future.  

Climate change is a global threat, and poor, rural and indigenous women are hardest hit.  They are impacted first and worst by the food shortages, droughts, floods and diseases linked to this growing danger.  But grassroots women are more than victims.  They are sources of solutions, inventing innovative, locally-rooted responses.

We stand with women and girls at the frontlines of climate change to protect the rights of those on the frontlines – the grassroots communities who, despite being the least responsible for climate change, are forced to feel the brunt of its impact.  This fight for their rights is the heart of climate justice.

We facilitate community resilience funds, placing money in the hands of grassroots women groups, so they can advance their own solutions to help safeguard the fates of their communities.  We underscore the importance of supporting women-led groups combating climate change. These women are the leaders, and we need to make sure their voices are heard, not just in their communities, but also where decisions are being made.

Promoting and scaling up innovative solutions with governments and companies to end poverty and inequality,

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Influencing for Social Justice

We partner with grassroots women groups to influence for social justice.  Promote and scale up innovative solutions with women grassroots groups, local, national and international networks and government departments to end poverty and inequality.  

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Gender, Climate and Security

We want to see existing laws enforced to help present and future generations.  The voices of women, youth, children, their families and communities must be heard in global demands for climate justice.

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Women lead the Way in Disaster Risk Reduction

We create spaces for women to exchange their knowledge and strategies to confront climate change.

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National Focal Point

As the National Focal Point and member of the Southern African Regional Advisory Group of the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction we support the power of bottom-up climate action and create a network of collaborating partners advancing climate justice. 

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Communities engaged in the Energy Transition

We step up our efforts for climate action to accelerate the renewable energy transition!

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