The Power of Education

We work with communities and local governments to address inclusive, quality education in order to meet the Global Goal # 4 for education by 2030.

We have non-discrimination and inclusion high on our agenda, aiming to create a more comprehensive and beneficial learning environment for children with disabilities.

Children with disabilities do not get the needed opportunities to mix with the mainstream society.  We at Ntengwe, believe in the philosophy of integrated education, as well as the right of children with disabilities to learn in ordinary schools with other kids.

We work with teachers, the Ministry of primary and secondary Education and the community to help children attain basic literacy skills.  We improve school infrastructure in order to enhance the quality of education and to retain students in school.  Requirements to make inclusive education happen, we advocate to support students with disabilities and their families in the pursuit of inclusion within the general education settings. 

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Transforming lives through Education

School in a Bag for out of school children can provide vastly improved learning capabilities, hope and a lifeline to a future out of poverty.  

Health Programs Ntengwe

Education for Children with Disabilities

We take necessary measures to ensure the full enjoyment by children with disabilities of all human rights and fundamental freedoms on an equal basis with other children, and ensure an inclusive education system at all levels and lifelong learning.

Health Programs Ntengwe

Building brighter Futures

We celebrate great milestones in our journey to building brighter futures for the vulnerable children through school infrastructure development to facilitate educational benefits for orphans and vulnerable children. 

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