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“Today’s resilient communities for a better tomorrow” 

Founded in 1996, Ntengwe for Community Development works with civil society partners, government departments, line ministries, allies, traditional leaders, and grassroots groups to build the capacity for the most vulnerable communities to be development change agents themselves, protect lives in times of crisis and build resilience towards lasting solutions and change. 

We rely on the communities’ local knowledge, practices and movements, in which everyone can speak up to claim their human rights, and build a better future for themselves. This means addressing issues like child protection, health and education, social and climate justice, land and economic empowerment. 

Health Programs Ntengwe

Child Protection, Care & Development

We are working to help vulnerable and excluded children grow up equally and valued, cared for and free from discrimination.  We work with duty bearers such as schools, child protection committees, families, various levels of government – as well as children themselves – to create lasting change for children in every community.  

Health Programs Ntengwe

Health and Education

We work with communities and local government to address the barriers to a quality education for all children.  Good health empowers children, families and communities.  We fight against infection and diseases – training community health workers and families by promoting good hygiene and nutrition for all, especially for women and children.  

Health Programs Ntengwe

Social and Climate Justice (including Disaster Risk Reduction)

We work with grassroots women groups who are powerful agents of change.  Their involvement in key disaster risk reduction includes the identification of early warning mapping and planning, and building community resilience by using adaptation strategies and mitigation techniques in agriculture, livestock management and energy, while protecting biodiversity and genetic resources within ecosystems.  

Health Programs Ntengwe

Economic Empowerment

We invest in women’s economic empowerment to set a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.  We work with a variety of partners to promote women’s ability to accumulate assets and influence public policies to determine growth and development.  We help women adapt to the changing climate by building women’s human capital and capabilities, equalising property and land rights, and mainstreaming women into the financial system, which is perhaps more necessary now than ever before.   

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