We are always looking for passionate, skilled foreign volunteers to join us in Matabeleland North for life-changing opportunities.  Volunteering for Ntengwe for Community Development opens a world of possibilities.

Matabeleland is a land of beauty, with a multitude of natural wonders and gentle, deserving inhabitants. Meet the Tonga or the Namibia in their ancestral lands and learn from these highly traditional people what it really means to give and receive.

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to serve in schools, medical clinics, work with women, youth and children to help people in their quest or improve their lives, while also exploring one of the world’s most dramatic countries.

For an enriching, unforgettable experience – volunteer openings will be announced here on our website. continue to check our website for an opening and contact us!


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My name is Harrison Seaborne and I am aged 23. I come from the United Kingdom. I volunteered with Ntengwe for Community Development for 10 weeks in 2013 once under the International Citizenship Programme linking the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe and then later independently when I used to come back to Zimbabwe and contribute my efforts to the work that Ntengwe for Community Development is doing.

Whilst volunteering for Ntengwe I worked on a number of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and HIV/AIDS projects relevant to the Binga district, notably the 'One Love, One Enemy' branded soccer tournament which promoted HIV testing in rural communities, multiple informational workshops relating to SRHR, business workshops in the community, weekly clean ups and general assistance at Binga district hospital and later in a general office assistance capacity for Ntengwe directly.

After working with Ntengwe in a voluntary capacity I have learned a number of key skills relevant to planning events and ensuring they run efficiently, mobilizing people, sensitivity to the needs of others and the importance of youth in community development. I have used many skills I acquired through my time with Ntengwe including moving on to teach English, utilizing the public speaking and planning skills I developed through my work with the organization. Furthermore I have developed a far deeper professional and personal understanding of how we relate to each other as citizens and how to utilize that to productive ends.