Our management team is comprised of the Executive Director, the Programmes Coordinator and Finance Manager. We are a women-led organization and responsible to carry out the job and to take account for good practice, the law and for shaping our goals and ensuring they are achieved.  As an organized institution we do not only deliver services but we also manage staff personnel, oversee administration and maintain cash funds.  As recipients of grants from various channels and project holders of welfare activities we uphold principles of accountability and transparency.  One of the strong indicators of these principles is that we have policies and manuals in place, and we are guided by those, based on which the day-to-day operations of our organization are to be carried out. 

Our team members are a devoted, passionate and enthusiastic team who bring a broad spectrum of diversity and professional skills and experience to our organization.  The impact of our work is visible in all of our successful and self-sustaining four areas of work in health, livelihoods, rights and environmental programs. 

Elisabeth Markham

Executive Director

She moved from California in 1996 to Zimbabwe. Passionate about community development work and with the encouragement from friends, Elisabeth started Ntengwe for Community Development, in 1996 in the remote community of Binga district. With a background in theatre, film and anthropology, Elisabeth produced several documentaries, and the “NAAMA award winning film Musinsimuke” to bring educational themes and social awareness to the communities, especially bringing awareness about HIV and AIDS issues, shedding light on some of the scenarios that lead to spreading of the disease. She believes that engaging communities in the filmmaking process is critical for community development. Elisabeth was motivated by the belief that all human beings must fully enjoy and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and expanded the work of her organization to Victoria Falls, Hwange and Lupane Districts to see women, just like herself, enjoying the benefits of actualizing their full potential in all areas of their lives. She has been passionate to develop strategic partnerships and linkages among grassroots women groups, by advancing their capacity to self-reliance and to enhance their sustainable, resilient community development practices. Grateful for an amazing group of co-workers and partners, Elisabeth is developing planning processes for responsible eco-tourism, in partnership with grassroots women groups to foster a respect for nature and cultures and to benefit the rural communities economically.

Innocent Isaac

Programs Coordinator

He grew up from a poor background which meant that for his growth and development a lot of people had to help him materially and morally. Due to the fact that these people literally lifted him up by hand, he strongly believes that life is a relay in which others pass onto you the help and motivation that you need to go forward. He vowed to himself, to be of service to humanity. In his work at Ntengwe for Community Development, he is enthused by the desire to see people’s life change because of the work that the organization delivers. The experience of his life has taught him that life is meaningless if it is of no service to humanity other than your family and close relations. This has found a goodness of fit with Ntengwe for Community Development which is an organization which has enabled him to fulfil his desire of serving humanity through community development initiatives that work with children, youth and women. Innocent holds a Master of Science in Rural and Urban Planning degree from the University of Zimbabwe where he graduated in 2007. He also has attended and participated in a number of courses in NGO management ranging from Monitoring and Evaluation, Resource Mobilization, Gender and Livelihoods Mainstreaming, and Child Rights. He worked as a Temporary-Full Time Lecturer in the department of Rural and Urban Planning at the University of Zimbabwe from March 2008 to June 2009 before joining Ntengwe for Community Development as a Programmes Coordinator in Binga District in July 2009. Innocent has over 7 years’ experience in the development sector where he has fundraised and coordinated the implementation of Emergency Aid programs, Child Rights and Protection, HIV and AIDS Prevention, Women’s Economic Empowerment, Climate Change Resilience Building and Water and Agricultural Development.

Meliga Kuseka

Finance and Administration Manager

She joined Ntengwe for Community Development in 1996. Before joining Ntengwe for Community Development, Meliga grew up in the rural community of Lubimbi in Binga district. Having been raised in the rural communities, Meliga has long been passionate about working in the non-profit sector, specifically in regards to social justice, environmental awareness, and grassroots causes. In her move from Lubimbi to Binga as a young adolescent, Meliga has seen a significant shift in what has been expected from her in the for-profit sector, such as banking and finance to the non-profit sector position where she developed a driving force to assist her community. She is driven by the cause of service that Ntengwe for Community Development provides which has caught her young eye, but also her heart. She holds a Higher Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting. She is responsible for the financial management and control of the organization she has developed a set of financial regulations and procedures that are documented that the organization follows. With her co-workers she developed a financial information system that operates through the interaction and cooperation of all programs and the finance team at the Victoria Falls head office. She ensures that accounts are audited annually by competent auditing firms as a measure to ensure that funds are administered according to agreements and procedurally.