Looking for an opportunity to join the Ntengwe for Community Development Team?

Working with Ntengwe for Community Development is so much more than just a job or volunteering. From the moment you join us in advancing children’s rights and women’s equality, you can sense that there is something special going on. As part of our movement for change for a better tomorrow, you will experience the passion, the smiles, the positive vibration and the inspiration coming from all our staff. We work directly with communities and key stakeholders. We ensure to meet the Sustainable Development Goals to safeguard women and children’s rights and improve poor communities’ lives and livelihoods. When you join us you will experience how Ntengwe for Community Development develops strategic partnerships and linkages among grassroots women networks, advancing grassroots women leaders to have a voice in decision-making processes.

Why would you want to work or volunteer at Ntengwe for Community Development?

It is a good place to work. Ntengwe for Community Development has passion and love for the communities we work with. With a staff of over 25, more than 300 community volunteers and students on attachment, we are achieving inspiring breakthroughs and immediate lasting change in the lives of children, women, youths’ and the communities by improving their health, education, economic empowerment, building their resilience and enhance women and children’s rights.

Because our staff treat you as family you will obtain experience in solving challenges. You will be able to further develop some of your own personal skills by rolling up your sleeves and digging deep with us, as long as you have the same dedication as everyone else. Come and join us investing in the future of our communities’, come help empowering families to support themselves, together with us, investing in you as well.